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      Procedural Synthesis using Vortex Particle Method for Fluid Simulation

1. Abstract

We propose a fast and effective technique to improve sub-grid visual details of the grid based fluid simulation. Our method procedurally synthesizes the flow fields coming from the incompressible Navier-Stokes solver and the vorticity fields generated by vortex particle method for sub-grid turbulence. We are able to efficiently animate smoke which is highly turbulent and swirling with small scale details. Since this technique does not solve the linear system in high-resolution grids, it can perform fluid simulation more rapidly. We can easily estimate the influence of turbulent and swirling effect to the fluid flow.


2. Publication

Jong-Chul Yoon, Hyeong Ryeol Kam, Jeong-Mo Hong, Shin Jin Kang, and Chang-Hun Kim, "Procedural Synthesis using Vortex Particle Method for Fluid Simulation", Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 28, No. 7, October 2009


3. Image

Rising smoke

Explosion-like effect