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  Hybrid Simulation of Miscible Mixing with Viscous Fingering


1. People

Seung-Ho Shin, Hyeong Ryeol Kam, and Chang-Hun Kim


2. Abstract

By modeling mass transfer phenomena, we simulate solids and liquids dissolving or changing to other substances. We also deal with the very small-scale phenomena that occur when a fluid spreads out at the interface of another fluid. We model the pressure at the interfaces between fluids with Darcy’s Law and represent the viscous fingering phenomenon in which a fluid interface spreads out with a fractal-like shape. We use hybrid grid-based simulation and smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) to simulate intermolecular diffusion and attraction using particles at a computable scale. We have produced animations showing fluids mixing and objects dissolving.



3. Paper

Euro2010_Shin.pdf, 17MB


4. Video

Euro2010_Shin.avi, 26MB