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      Interchangeable SPH and Level set Method In Multiphase Fluid


1. People

Ho-Young Lee, Jeong-Mo Hong and Chang-Hun Kim


2. Abstract

In grid-based fuid simulation, subgrid-scale fuid is difficult to represent realistically. We have come to describe such small scale details effectively, even on a coarse grid by using escaped particles. These particles, when simulated through smooth particle hydrodynamics, allow the illustration of dynamic and realistic fuids. Particles in SPH have a force for them to be merged within the range of each particle's radius. However, the SPH approach does not address the objective of only the part indescribable on a grid being portrayed through the particle method, decreasing the accuracy of the simulation. Integrated particles which are able to be described by level set method are also likely to end up simulated by particles. To address this problem, this paper introduces method through which the indefinable part of a grid is denoted in particles, while level set method is used to describe the particles merged on the grid.



3. Paper



4. Video

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