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  Bubbles Alive


1. People

Jeong-Mo Hong, Ho-Young Lee, Jong-Chul Yoon and Chang-Hun Kim


2. Abstract

We propose a hybrid method for simulating multiphase fluids such as bubbly water. The appearance of subgrid visual details is improved by incorporating a new bubble model based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) into an Eulerian grid-based simulation that handles background flows of large bodies of water and air. To overcome the difficulty in simulating small bubbles in the context of the multiphase flows on a coarse grid, we heuristically model the interphase properties of water and air by means of the interactions between bubble particles. As a result, we can animate lively motion of bubbly water with small scale details efficiently.



3. Paper

BubblesAlive.pdf, 3MB


4. Video, 10MB